Custom Training Programs for Organizations

Instructional Design (or the Science of Learning)

It’s really pretty simple. You know what you need to do, but you don’t have what you need to do it.  Many organizations are without a training department or the expertise to do really good training. That is where we come in.

Instructional design provides the blueprint for your training or course. Without a proper instructional design, your training might look good, but it may not be effective.  Proper learning goals and objectives need to be aligned with the learning materials being presented.  Many training programs fall short or are ineffective because there was no plan, no blueprint, and no foundation to build on.

Lucid Way starts with the instructional design process in everything we do. Yes, we are experts in adult pedagogy, Blooms Taxonomy, and the ADDIE process – but it doesn’t mean we’ll bore you with it (unless you really want to know, just ask).  We are formally trained in these processes and know how to make effective training that will increase the performance of your team.

We start by asking questions to figure out where the problems or “gaps” in instruction may be so we can solve your training problem.  In some cases after an initial needs analysis, we find that training may not even be needed and the problem resides in an existing process that needs to fixed.  This analysis is part of what we do and it helps us make recommendations.

Instructional design is the core of Lucid Way – the technology we use just drives the design.  Just as a beautiful home cannot be built without a blueprint, we feel the same applies to effective training.