SCORM stands for (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) which basically means that it can communicate with standardized systems such as a Learning Management System.  We list SCORM separately to ensure our potential customers know our experience with developing and packaging SCORM files for use in various applications.

SCORM files can do lots of things like track statistics of every page that the learner has clicked on, how long they were on the page, report scoring based on pages viewed or by embedding quizzes inside of the SCORM files.  SCORM learning modules can also be set up to allow the learner to return to the spot they left off at (if they didn’t finish the entire training in one sitting).  This is particularly useful if the training is long and you do not want to require the learner to have to go through the whole training again to get to the spot where they left off – they just log back in and will be taken to that spot automatically.

Many government organizations require the use of SCORM in their grants.  Because of its standardized design, SCORM files can be moved to different LMS or other systems very easily without the need to redevelop and entire training program from scratch.  Lucid Way has extensive experience in creating SCORM compliant training.


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February 13, 2017