Scenario Based Training

scenario based training

Many organizations put their people in situations that require quick decision making.  This could be anything from a sales team trying to seal the deal,  to an assembly plant worker torquing a bolt.  Typical training may take these valuable workers away from what they need to do and in many cases require travel – which is not cheap or practical.  Scenario Based Training (SBT) like all Lucid Way training,  puts your employees in the driver seat with training resources that both work and are reportable to supervisors.  Knowing your people are prepared and competent to perform their job adds both value to your company and confidence in your worker which ultimately leads to highly efficient output.

SBT is typically designed in branching scenarios in which a decision can be made by the trainee (either right or wrong) and the scenario will walk them through what would happen based on their decision.   If the trainee makes an undesirable decision, they will see the consequences of that decision virtually without real consequences (which can reduce training costs as well).

The trainee is then guided to the desired behavior through a fluid and transparent learning strategy.  This offers the trainee a more “real” experience other than for example a multiple choice exam or a PowerPoint presentation as there can be unlimited outcomes to the decisions they make in the training.


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February 10, 2017