Location Based Learning (LBL)

Location Based Learning (LBL) could be the most under-utilized, but most powerful training solution to date.  The beauty of LBL is the emergence of technology with actual experiential learning.

Mobile devices offer the ability for Lucid Way to take advantage of geo-localization through contextual learning applications.  Imagine giving an audio tour of your facility to visitors which educates them based on the location of where they are standing.  If that doesn’t sound cool enough, have a video play on how something (such as a wind turbine or paint booth) works when they reach that location.  Enriching the experience to the maximum is something that Lucid Way specializes in.

  • location based learning overview

  • location based learning

How about a more interactive experience?  Simpler solutions such as QR code offer a more custom experience for your users.  A simple snap of the phone on a QR code could open up the application where they could be given any kind of information, simulation, or experience.

More in depth Location Based Learning (LBL) applications can be made as well.  From virtual field trips, individual learning progress tracking, and also collaboration among multiple people with devices.  The possibilities are endless.

We’ll guide you through the process based on your particular wants and needs.