Dales Cone of Experience is one of our favorite references.

What is your Learning Style?  Find out now.


Learning styles are the way that your students learn. Some students prefer facts, over charts, audio over video, sequential steps rather than a web of ideas, etc. Learning styles can be easier understood when categorized. A study at North Carolina State University, has explained these categories to help learners and instructors alike. It should be noted that most learners possess combinations of these learning styles. It should also be noted that this is just one study, and there are other authors who refer to these styles by different names but the idea is the same.


Interesting Information

Finding out the learning styles of your students can help you adapt and morph your class into an even more conducive learning environment.

“Dales Cone of Experience” (see chart below) shows the different ways that students learn information and the assessment outcomes related to that style of learning.

Your student’s learning styles can fall in any one of Dales experience slots. Most learning styles tend to be audio/visual or visual learners. Click here for more information about Dale’s Cone of Experience.