Our Custom Training Process

Step 1 - Set Clear and Simplistic Goals

We can only get to the source of your ideas by listening.  Only then can we start to think about how to implement your training program.

Our kickoff meeting starts by brainstorming your ideas on paper.  The target audience, your look and feel, and your growth are all taken into consideration.  Getting your ideas out there allows us to look at the project as a whole so that we can better work key elements into it.  We are active participants – giving you more ideas to think about as we continue.  We iterate and reiterate until the plan is established and everyone is comfortable with the next step.

Step 2 - Design the Blueprint


The design phase helps everyone to visualize the specifics.  This can come in various forms like a storyboard or flowchart.  The idea here is to drill down deep into what the purpose of the training is and come up with the instructional design strategy to achieve good results.  We call this the blueprint.

Step 3 - Prototype and Approve

Once the plan is established we can begin to prototype your ideas into a working format usually starting from a storyboard.  We prototype to ensure we are on the right track. You are an active participant in our prototyping phase.  We want to make sure you are happy with the direction we are going and once you are, we’ll continue on that path to finish the rest of the training.


Step 4 - Development

Once the prototype is approved, we can then begin our full development process.  We work all ideas into the project and keep you informed along the way.  When we have completed the preliminary development, we can move on to our deployment stage where we can put it through actual user end testing.

Step 5 - Deploy and Test the Training

Depending on what the project is, we take various steps.  For instance, in e-learning we need to ensure the training is effective.  This can be done by putting a test group of people through the training to ensure everything makes sense, work out any bugs, and revise before it gets rolled out to the rest of the company.  We want your approval – and a smile on your face.

deploy instructional design

Step 6 - Evaluate Effectiveness of Training

We want to make sure whatever it is we created for you is working.  We have support options available to monitor the success of your training program and make revisions as your company processes and procedures change.  We can ensure your people have the latest and greatest information that is accessible from anywhere.