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Lucid Way E-Learning Company | Effective E-learning Training

Instructional Design

Lucid Way is at the forefront of adult learning methods, processes, and procedures to jumpstart your training program.

e-Learning Development

We devise custom solutions that work for your situation. "Cookie Cutter" training solutions are not in our vocabulary.

Timely Deployment

Whether you need a custom learning management system or an instructional video, we will deliver on time and within budget.

Ongoing Support

Consistent monitoring of your training is important. We offer full support packages where we'll monitor the effectiveness of your training.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are at the core of organizations that require secure logins, score reporting, and standardization for their employees and teams.  If you have ever taken an online course, chances are you have used a LMS. Lucid Way has extensive experience in choosing the right LMS, setting them up, customizing them, designing inside of them, and training your team on how to use it.

  • lms2 LMS Development & Reporting

  • lms1 LMS Development & Reporting

  • lms3 LMS Development & Reporting

A LMS can drastically reduce things like travel costs for employees and HR training time.  Standard orientation, compliancy training, safety training, sexual harassment training, monthly department reporting, etc. can all be handled through the LMS.  Many organizations use learning management systems to track their employee performance and to ensure they are up to date with all required training.

Most LMS’s have features such as:

  • Discussion boards
  • Assignment uploads
  • Quizzes/Tests
  • Sequential learning modules
  • Gradebook/Scoring
  • SCORM Compliancy
  • Groups/Team areas

Choosing the right LMS can be tricky and it depends on your organization’s needs, budget, IT infrastructure, and staff.  A couple of common LMS’s are Blackboard (higher budget) and Moodle (open source).  If your organization is looking to train nationwide or global workforce, a learning management system is a good place to start.  Lucid Way can help.